The Ninth Type of Deadly Waste

One of the key features of Lean is eliminating Muda, or waste. The continuous improvement is aimed at finding waste in an organization and remove it. In literature and practice, seven types of deadly waste are identified (unnecessary transportation, excess inventory, unnecessary motion of employees, waiting, over production, over processing, rework), and structurally removed from operations. In some circles, an eighth type of waste is acknowledged, as being the underutilizing of human talent. I think we can identify and remove a ninth type of waste: excess use of resources.

For this ninth type of waste, you just have to look around you to find vivid examples. It ranges from excess use of energy by leaving machines or lights switched on when not necessary, extra long meetings with too many attendees who do not all need to be present, excess use of paper by printing everything you need to read. But the example I want to go into a bit deeper is more hidden, but is relatively easy to eliminate: excess use of data storage space.

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