5 Latvian Organizations that excel in social media

Studying good examples are a great way to learn. And when it comes to social media use, there are several great examples to be found in Latvia. From all these examples, here’s a selection of 5 that excel in using social media, presented in random order.

Live Riga – using innovative ways to promote the city
The Live Riga logo is ubiquitous in Riga. You see it almost everywhere. But not only in the city, also on social media platforms you find them promoting Riga. On Facebook and Twitter, Latvia’s capital is energetically promoted. And the fact that Live Riga is not only pushing it’s own messages, but also linking to pictures, stories and movies about the city made by others shows that they understand what they are doing. The icing on the cake that earned them a spot in this list, is their recent venture into Foursquare. This is how you promote a city with foreign tourists!

Coffee Inn – great coffee and social media engagement
Last summer, Coffee Inn came to Riga. And now they’re are already on two locations. And of course on Twitter and Facebook, promoting their special coffees and activities. By creating a following on both these social networks, and the soon to be revealed specials on Foursquare, they show that they understand how social media can generate traffic to your brick-and-mortar stores and increase sales.

Gudras Galvas – opening up politics in a unique way
Although my Latvian is still not good, I can see how excellent and unique Gudras Galvas is. This website aims to open up communication with members of parliament. And on top of that, they use Twitter, Facebook and Draugiem to engage with as many Latvians as possible. Not only is this a unique initiative in Latvia, but it’s hard to find a similar initiative anywhere in the world.

Samsung Latvia – raising awareness and money for a cause
Samsung Latvia is active on social networks. Of course they’re promoting their electronic gadgets, which in itself is not so special. What earned them a spot on this list is their Pink Ribbon campaign. The global brand is already supporting the fight against breast cancer for several years, and last year the Latvian office chipped in with a twibbon campaign. Twibbons are signs you can paste on your profile picture on social networks to show your support for something. Samsung Latvia came up with the pink ribbon. For every pink ribbon added to a profile picture, Samsung donated 0,50 LVL to the Pink Ribbon charities. The campaign was an immense success, and helped many victims of this horrifying disease.

airBaltic – highly professional integration of client communication
Last, but certainly not least, on the list is airBaltic. They proved their social media savvy last year during the eruption of an Icelandic volcano that disrupted air traffic in Europe for weeks. Proactive informations sharing, connecting travelers to exchange tips and constant feedback made them one of the best communicating airlines in the world. This, and the way the are able to answer any question that reaches them through one of their social media channels, shows that airBaltic knows how to integrate social media in to core business processes. And on top of that, they have a very active Facebook page with every week a special offer for cheap flights to a destination voted for by their fans. Add their new blog and a tweeting plane, and you see that if there is one example in Latvia you can learn how to use social media from, it’s airBaltic.

This post also appeared in the January newsletter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

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