Using Facebook for Coporate Communication

Internal corporate communication, especially in globe spanning large enterprises, or businesses with geographically distributed work places, is an important factor in maintaining and expanding the team spirit and corporate culture. Those of us who have worked in such organizations know the many forms in which the internal information comes to them: direct mailings, e-mail newsletters, intranet, posters, you name it. Mostly, however, it all takes place in a controlled environment. Most of the information shared is deemed company confidential and thus has to take place within the limits of the organization and its firewall. A safe bet, but maybe not always the best one.

The goal of corporate communication should be to get information to the audience. And diverse statistics will tell you that every medium used will definitely have its benefits. But, often the reach is not as maximized as it could be. Most of the media used are typical examples of one directional mass communication or broadcasting. And what happens to the door-to-door advertising publications, happens to corporate communication messages as well: a relatively small part of the audience really views it, the rest just discards it immediately. Now, what if you publish your information on a network where a big part of your audience already spends their time, both at home as in the office, and which also allows them to easily respond, like and share a message? Sounds interesting? Then consider facebook for part of your corporate communications.

Most probably, a lot of your employees are on facebook. And they are often also connected to their colleagues, or at least to some. And let’s face it: not everything you communicate is company confidential. And even if it is, it’s not 100% confidential. Sometimes, it would be even beneficial for your business if word gets out  about a big win or your CSR efforts. Especially if your workforce publicly shows their enthusiasm. Facebook can be, if carefully managed, a very good channel for your internal corporate communications.

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