Skip or Join: Asking questions in real-time with Qriously

After having seen an example earlier this week, I applied for an account at Qriously. What it does? It allows you to ask questions to mobile phone users. Sort of a quick poll. Since they are currently in a pre-release alpha phase, I had to wait a bit. But not for long, within a week I got a very friendly message that I was invited to get my hands on the tool. And it is great.

What is it?
Qriously is a tool to quickly get insight in public opnion. It works on mobile phones, where people get shown questions and can respond.

How does it work?
As a question asker, it almost cannot be simpler. You think of a question, decide what type of answer you want, think where you want to ask your question and how many people should answer it. First you decide on the type of answer you want. The answers can be a slider (opnion between two answer options), a 5-star rating or a simple 2-option yes or no answer. Then you write your question. Questions have a character limit of 50, because they are presented in mobile apps where space is limited. It helps you in formulating a very concise and precise question. The next step is selecting your audience and then the number of answers you are looking for. For each answer (with a minimum of 50) you pay some credits, depending on your selection criteria. As an example, I asked a global audience for 100 answers, and that ‘cost’ me 1500 credits. The credits have a value of roughtly $ 0,01, so my little research cost me about $ 15. If I hadn’t received 3000 credits as a welcome, that is.
Within 13 minutes I had my 100 anwers. To the question ‘Should Europe stop using nuclear energy?’, 59% said yes. The answers came from Europe (30%), Asia (34%), North America (21%), the Middle East (6%), South – and Middle America (4%), Oceania (2%) and 3% of answers came from an unknown location. This I learnt from playing with the file I could download with more specific data per answer. Also, I noticed that 98% of answers came from people with an Android device, against 2% running iOS.

What is good, and what could be improved?
It is amazingly easy to load your question into the system. Obviously, asking the right question takes some effort, but there is not an app that can help you with that. And once your question is in, you can see the answers coming in live. Which is amazing.
Clearly, there are some things that can be improved. But, that is inherent to an app that is in the pre-release alpha stage. My suggestion would be to enable question askers to select audiences based on continent, region or a selection of countries. As for the way it runs, the functionality of this alpha version is working perfectly.

The Verdict: Skip or Join?
If you are in a position where you want or need to quickly poll a large audience regularly, or are just curious, this is definitely a tool you should join. You can ask for an invite on

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