And the winner is…

The winning team of Leo Burnett Riga

The winning team of Leo Burnett Riga

The #LVFacebook competition, in which teams were invited to create a concept for the official Facebook page for Latvia, has come to an end. And the winner is… the team of Leo Burnett Riga! Congratulations to them, of course. If you have seen the several pages, you know that it is, despite some publicly vented criticism, a deserved winner. The concept ‘If you like Latvia, Latvia likes you’ this team created was the most compelling. So, you’re all invited now to like Latvia, and be liked in return.

Of course, as it is supposed to be, there was some public criticism on the competition, the concepts and even the winners. And that is, in a way, a good thing. Especially if this criticism can be turned into positive feedback with which we all together can help the winning team, and the brave public servants who initiated this competition as a start to modernizing the way Latvian state institution communicate with the public, to make some waves in (and for) Latvia. The winning team has indicated that they can use our help and support, and I, for one, look forward to being part of this adventure.

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