The Long Arm of Good Content

Social Media marketing is not only about being present on the different social networks like Facebook, Draugiem and Twitter, but also about having a conversation with your (potential) customers, answering their questions and sometimes providing them with interesting content. And despite that to many people it may seem like a superficial and fleeting form of connecting, good content can send a message about your brand for a long time.

When I discuss social media during classes at SSE Riga or in general, I never miss the opportunity to mention or link to some viral videos. If you manage to create one, it can last very long in delivering a message about your company. One of my favorite examples is the United Breaks Guitars song. It is now 2 years old, has been watched more than 11 million times, and sends a strong message about United Airlines. Not a good one, and that’s one of the risks of these days: a complaint about your company can live a long and happy life.

Closer to home, I like the Life is for sharing campaign by T-Mobile UK. Take a look at the ‘Welcome back’ clip, in which they staged an improvisation event at the arrival hall in Heathrow airport.

Isn’t that fun? Creating this video was actually quite costly, but with 10 million views that might be worth it.

If you look at these two videos, emotion is the common denominator. Sure, they’re both professionally made, but that is not a guarantee for success. Playing on emotions (anger or fun and surprise) brings you closer to your goal. And that it doesn’t have to be too expensive, and still can get you a lot of brand promotion, is proven by a campaign from Spanair last year. They decided to surprise passengers on a specific flight at Christmas Eve with special gifts. The ‘Unexpected Luggage’ video is watched more than 300.000 times in both the English as the Spanish language version. That’s over 600.000 views. On top of that, they managed to get an enormous amount of press attention.

So, what are your favorite brand videos? Leave a link in the comments.

This post also was published in the November newsletter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.

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