Riga Easter Challenge 2010 on Foursquare

As a newcomer to Riga, both my company as me, there is a lot left to discover and explore in town. Since one of the core competencies of the company is strategic advise on use of new technology to improve business, and there is an upcoming Easter weekend, I  combined this all into a simple challenge: the FourSquare Riga Easter Challenge.

So what is the challenge about? From different tips and a great guidebook, I’ve came up with a couple of ‘venues’ that I would like to visit during the Easter weekend. These venues include parks, galleries, shops and strategically located cafés that just seem to have ‘something’. I added these venues on foursquare, one of the main location based services out there on internet. The challenge is to visit as many places with the tag ‘riga easter challenge 2010‘ as you can. It’s a bit like the traditional Easter egg hunt. The grand prize of the challenge is enjoying Riga in a fun way.

The interesting thing of foursquare is that you can earn badges and mayorships of venues by checking in at a place you visit. This gives foursquare a slightly competitive edge, because in some places there’s a fierce competition of becoming the foursquare mayor. And that gaming element makes foursquare also a great social media marketing tool for businesses that live from customers visiting their location, or venue in foursquare speak. There are already countless examples of bars and other places having a special offer for customers that check in for the 5th time or are the foursquare mayor. It is an easy way of getting more customers to your business, and a fun way to use social media.

If you want to participate in the Four Square Riga Easter Challenge 2010, it’s quite simple. Create an account on foursquare.com, and check-in at venues with the tag ‘riga easter challenge 2010′. If you want to participate as a business, just add your venue to foursquare (we made a how-to video here), tag it ‘riga easter challenge 2010′ and offer a special to your visitors. To do so, you can print out the Riga Easter Challenge Special template, fill in what you are offering, and post it in your place of business.

Now just hope that the weather plays along.

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