Social Media Metrics That Matter

Inspired by a blog post of a friend, and a tip months ago from another, I decided recently to start using another url shortener in my tweetfeed. Some url-shorteners, or actually: most, provide nice statistics about number of clicks, reach etcetera. What I found out, surprised me a bit: using a different shortener, gave me substantially more clicks on links I tweeted. On the same day, I decided also to add another site visit analytics tool to my website. And again: the same surprise. Whilst deliberating these differences in statistics, probably caused by a different use of technoglogy, I realised something that in the back of my mind I already knew: I was playing the numbers game, and I was wrong.

Playing a numbers game with your website, blog, twitter account or facebook page is fun at first, but it actually has no real value. The number of followers, friends, fans, pageloads, clicks do nothing for your bottom line. Chances are that you are not using these tools to get a high ranking on these counts. You have a website, or social media account, for other reasons. If it is personal, it is about communicating with your relatives, your friends and likeminded people. If you use these tools professionally, it is about making money. So playing the numbers game should not be about having the most followers on twitter, or the most pageviews per day, but about connecting or about your bottom-line. It is about your mother being proud of you, your friends responding to life moments you share or debating with people about a subject you share a passion for. It is about your customers promoting your products to their friends, the reputation of your business, improving your after-tax revenue.

So, before you get into the rat race, think again. Why are you blogging or tweeting? Then define your metrics based on those reasons. Then get the right numbers and see if you are as successful as you want to be. With that information, you can improve the way you use social media.

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