Our Business Cards

Our new business cards are a celebration of change. Change for social good. On the front, as usual, you can find the contact details. On the reverse side, we have now put a call to action. We ask you to share stories of change for social good. Personal stories, corporate stories, small stories or big stories, anything. As long as it is for social good. So if you are making a positive change happen in your community, or have a friend who does, write the place where it happens on the back of the business card, take a picture of where that change happens, and send us the story at wherechangehappens [at] whowalksthedog [dot] com. The best stories will be shared on the Where Change Happens blog.

Previous business cards

With the previous business cards, we wanted every business card to tell a story. Not just any story, but stories of how Who walks the Dog sees the world, how we operate, and what our values are. And since a picture says more than a thousand words, we decided to put photos on the back of each cards. These are the photos and their stories of the set in use since Summer 2010.

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