Connected Working

Enterprise 2.0, Web2.0, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter. Buzzwords? Hypes? Time wasters? At Who walks the Dog we think not. We call it connected working, and if utilized in the right way, connected working can decrease costs and increase profitability. Whether it is used in marketing, in customers service or in regular task execution or knowledge transfer, connected working crosses boundaries in a way that was not possible before. It is now easy to connect colleagues with other colleagues, build trust in distributed teams, share information with whom and at the time you need to share it. Find new markets, new ideas, more profit.

To fully benefit from connected working, it is imperative to understand why you want to benefit, what you exactly want to benefit from and with who you want to connect. Who walks the Dog can help you analyze the way to benefit most, and then implement a connected working strategy fit to measure for your organisation.

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