Corporate Social Responsibility has many faces: environment friendliness, diversity programmes, social initiatives. But for many companies, it remains clouded by marketing jargon and unclear demands from customers. So, why should it matter, and what should we do?, you might find yourself asking. The answer is quite simple: if you want to ensure your business continuity in the future, you need to ensure that you will have a sufficiently educated potential employee base, that your own employees stay as long as you need them, that potential customers want to do business with you, and that basically, there is still a world to do business in and enjoy life when you retire.

Who walks the Dog finds that you can be socially responsible in a very profitable way. If you just jump into using a bit of green energy, give some money to some random charities, you’re not on a sustainable path. Corporate Social Responsibility should fit you, your company and your customers as a glove. Who walks the Dog can help your organisation in using CSR as a framework to find opportunities to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase sales. Contact us for more information and a no-strings-attached presentation of how we can work together.

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