About Us

Walking the dog is one of the fun things in life. If you are able to take the time for it. On the other hand, when it rains, and you’re tired after a day of hard work, it becomes just another task on an already overcrowded todo list. And these are exactly the two aspects of walking the dog that are the basis of Who walks the Dog Consulting.

First of all, continuous improvement, or necessary change programmes take often time a company also needs for the regular day-to-day operations. It is hard to free up resources, be it human, monetary or materials, to make the so much wanted steps to improve profitability and and stabilize growth. Optimising processes, defining how to utilise social computing, coming up with a strong CSR programme are like walking the dog: tasks that need doing, but how to find the time. This is where Who walks the Dog can help. We plan for you, based on a thorough analysis of your company and customer base. Then we help you execute the plan, step by step, freeing up resources when doing so, and utilizing these to improve further. In such a way, that soon, Walking the Dog becomes that fun thing for which you have time enough to enjoy it.

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