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Begin today to mitigate the social media storm of tomorrow

Published on February 26, 2011 By Arjan Tupan

Recently, American fashion designer Kenneth Cole sent out a tweet to promote his new spring collection with a very distasteful joke about the political situation in Egypt. Of course, as these things go, tout social media fell over it and jumped on the occasion to bash another brand. He’s not the first, and will definitely [...]

Using Facebook for Coporate Communication

Published on March 15, 2010 By Arjan Tupan

Internal corporate communication, especially in globe spanning large enterprises, or businesses with geographically distributed work places, is an important factor in maintaining and expanding the team spirit and corporate culture. Those of us who have worked in such organizations know the many forms in which the internal information comes to them: direct mailings, e-mail newsletters, [...]

Enterprise 2.0 in the Baltic Region

Published on March 5, 2010 By Arjan Tupan

As a company specialising in connected working, of course we are very interested in the state of things here in the Baltics. For that, and for a research project of Headshift, Europe’s leading consultancy in Social Business, for the European Commission, we would like to learn more about what companies in the Baltics are doing [...]

The Ninth Type of Deadly Waste

Published on March 5, 2010 By Arjan Tupan

One of the key features of Lean is eliminating Muda, or waste. The continuous improvement is aimed at finding waste in an organization and remove it. In literature and practice, seven types of deadly waste are identified (unnecessary transportation, excess inventory, unnecessary motion of employees, waiting, over production, over processing, rework), and structurally removed from [...]