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Should we ban email?

Published on December 6, 2011 By Arjan Tupan

Every now and then, a CEO makes some waves by planning to ban email from his company. And it’s not only in young tech start-ups. This time it’s Mr Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos, a global IT consulting outfit of over 80.000 employees. In 18 months, email will be phased out in the company, or [...]

The Ninth Type of Deadly Waste

Published on March 5, 2010 By Arjan Tupan

One of the key features of Lean is eliminating Muda, or waste. The continuous improvement is aimed at finding waste in an organization and remove it. In literature and practice, seven types of deadly waste are identified (unnecessary transportation, excess inventory, unnecessary motion of employees, waiting, over production, over processing, rework), and structurally removed from [...]